Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Explore Asian Review and Giveaway!

I'm always up for trying new food so I was pretty pumped when I was given the opportunity to try out Explore Asian and some of their great pastas I was very excited to try to make and taste them!

I received a variety of delicious items to check out. They include:

Instant Soybean Noodle Soup in Vegetable flavor
Organic Wheat Noodles - Brown Rice Udon
Organic Wheat Noodles - Soba
Organic Mung Bean Fettucine
Organic Black Bean Spaghetti

Not going to lie, I tried the easiest first the instant soup and it was actually pretty good. It is gluten free, in fact everything is that I was able to review, it is also made with organic soybeans and contain no MSG. Some other fun facts is that it is 207 calories per serving, rich in iron, high fiber, high protein, and low fat. Like I said, it was pretty good I mean it is an instant soup so for an instant soup. I thought the noodles were really great and chewy, there really wasn't much veggies in there I think I saw some corn but that was it. Again though if you need some on the go food and want a healthier option than Ramen noodles these are your guys. Not much difference in the taste with Ramen except it is way less sodium-powered and more fresh, like these taste like noodles.

I was really nervous trying out the pastas because I am not a huge cook so I had no idea what to do with them, fortunately with a few of them they did have recipes on the back so I chose to make the Organic Mung Bean Fettucine with the Pesto Sauce recipe on the back. Basically I got to make my own sort of alfredo-pesto sauce and it tasted really good. The recipe called for the following ingredients:

- 50g butter or margarine
- 2 tbsp sifted flour
- 2 cups milk
- 100g grated yellow cheese
- 3-4 tbsp pesto
- garlic
- salt and pepper

Basically you just mix all of that and heat up the noodles in a different pot. Basic pasta cooking, you know the drill. I was worried about cooking with this pasta because I've never even really heard of it before, I wasn't sure how to cook it properly. Fortunately though, these pastas are "al dente" and they don't become mushy or unappetizing if overcooked and this didn't, it tasted pretty goooood.

After cooking the noodles and the sauce, you rinse the noodles and mix it with the sauce and then, BAM! Deliciousness!

It's also gluten free, high in protein, low carbs, high fiber, low fat, sodium free, and rich in iron. It's gluten free, organic, and vegan. Regular pastas have no more than 5-6g of protein and 2-3g of dietary fibers per serving but Explore Asian has 25g of protein and 11g of dietary fibers. 

I thought this was actually really delicious. Not going to lie, I was a little leery because something called "mung bean" doesn't sound the most appetizing to me. Instead I really did like it. The pasta and the sauce made for a great, lighter version of fettucine alfredo. I didn't feel gross or too cheesy afterwards which is sometimes the case for when I have fettucine alfredo because I like to eat it allllll at once which isn't smart. I wasn't sure how much garlic or salt and pepper to add so I just wing'd it and kept tasting til it tasted good to me and that worked out too.

Unfortunately, I haven't had time yet to check out their other pastas that they've sent me but I definitely plan on it in the near future because if this tastes great I can't imagine what the black bean spaghetti tastes like because I LOVE black beans and spaghetti so it's going to be amazing, I just know it.

Overall though I really did love Explore Asian they have great healthy alternatives to your regular pasta and taste just as good. Definitely check them out you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Explore Asian's website and browse their great selection. You can buy them online or check out their store locator. Their store locator was a little wonky for me, it gave me addresses to places and the towns but not the grocery store name so I'm not entirely sure where they're sold at, I'm going to say try checking out your local Whole Foods or organic grocery store though.

Win It! One winner will receive a $25 value sample pack of products similar to the prize pack I received! 

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