Friday, May 9, 2014

The Custom Vinyl Shop Review and Giveaway!

Being an "adult" can kind of stink but what's great is when you have your own place you can just go nuts decorating it. You can get into it with fancy furniture and a bunch of decor items but sometimes the coolest things are on your wall. Posters and pictures are great but I also love vinyl decor too, they're always so unique and different from the typical wall art that you usually see. So when The Custom Vinyl Shop contacted me to check out one of their items I hopped on the chance.

I chose the Phone Booth Tardis from Doctor Who.

I'm not a huge Doctor Who fan, honestly I've only watched two episodes, but I am surrounded by a bunch of Doctor Who fans. One is actually my roommate so I chose this because I was going to either ask her if she wanted it or pass it onto another friend. I showed it to her first and she was down for it immediately so bam.

I chose blue because the Tardis is blue, you don't have to watch the show to know that right? It's 10 x 22 inches which is a pretty nice length, it even says "police box" on it. They also sent a little heart which is about two, three inches big, it was a nice little added bonus and just shows how sweet this company is.

My roommate is actually in the middle of painting her room so she hasn't put up the tardis yet so that's why I'm just using their stock photo. But it's awesome and vinyls are really easy to put on, too. They also sent a popsicle stick along with the vinyl to help press it down and make it stick. I remember one time I received one without a type of press down tool like this and ended up using a credit card and it worked so there's a tip if you can't find the popsicle stick.

Overall, I really do love The Custom Vinyl Shop, they have a wide variety of vinyl to choose from for living rooms to kids rooms to twenty something girls' apartments you want it? They've got you covered. Definitely check them out you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to The Custom Vinyl Shop's website and browse their awesome selection!

Win It! ONE winner will win a $30 gift certificate for The Custom Vinyl Shop!

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  1. I would love to have a design for the nursery!

  2. I would Like this to decorate my Daughters room

  3. It would be great for our living room!

  4. I'd like this to dress up my boring entry!

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