Tuesday, May 6, 2014

VeeV's VitaFrute Cocktails Review!

Hey guys, I'm a girl as you all know and I love trying fruity new drinks like most girls do. So when I got the opportunity to review VeeV's new VitaFrute cocktails thanks to Klout I hopped on the  chance! It is the first line of organic and all-natural ready to drink cocktails and they taste great!

I received a coupon where I could get two bottles at my local store for free, so I picked up their Cosmopolitan and Margarita mixes. They're pretty easy to find, I just went to my local Ralph's and it was in the alcohol aisle by the mixers.

After a long, long Friday my roommate and I decided to try out the Cosmo mix first. 

It was pretty good, a little too sweet for my taste though, but I'm not a huge Cosmo fan so that could be why. I had about a glass and a half but then had to stop because of the sweetness. The margarita mix on the other hand...

I had last night for Cinco de Mayo and might have drank the entire bottle by myself. By "might have" I mean I definitely did. Whoops. What can I say? It was that good. 

I don't think it was too strong though because I didn't get wasted or anything, I did have it over a few hours time but still. 

These drinks though are great for people looking to have fun but watch their calorie intake. At only less than 125 calories a serving it's pretty delicious. One the back it says per 1.5 oz is a typical serving and that is only 55 calories for the Cosmo and I believe 65 for the Margarita which isn't that bad at all. 

Both bottles are made with premium and all-natural ingredients for a superior taste and they're 15% alcohol/volume which is a 30 proof.  Just remember it is all-natural you may see pieces of fruit like lemon or lime in the margarita just floating around that is because all-natural products settle, just give it a shake and it'll taste just fine. 

I also enjoyed the little facts in the back of each bottle. For instance, Fact #1 says "You know who you are, and your drink of choice must understand you. Vitafrute by VeeV is a delicious and calorie-conscious alternative to your normal everyday cocktail." and Fact #5 says "You're going to love this."

Overall, while I wasn't big on the Cosmopolitan it's mainly because typically I am not a Cosmo kind of girl, I just wanted to try it to try it. I am by definition though a Margarita girl and I did love the Margarita mix. They are great healthy alternatives for when you want to drink but watch your calories, definitely check them out you won't be disappointed.

Buy It! Head on over to VeeV's VitaFrute website to see where they're sold near you!

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