Friday, May 2, 2014

Herbal Essences Body Wash Review!

Now we all know and love Herbal Essences with their great haircare line but recently they have up'ed the ante and released a body wash line. With a variety of scents from honey to roses, Herbal Essences really know how to make a great body wash line.

I received Hello Hydration which has a great coconut fragrance and is meant to make your shower smell like a tropical paradise.

This line of body wash is supposed to evoke an exotic rainforest and while I did enjoy this product, I felt like it could have had a stronger scent. I honestly did not know it was coconut until I looked it up. Smelling it now you do smell the coconut a little but it's not too much, it smells a bit too perfumey than coconut which I was bummed about because coconut is my favorite. I would like to smell the other products on the line though because maybe the citrus scent from Body Burst or their honey scent from Honey I Smell Good may do it more justice.

I thought it did lather up pretty well though and a little went a long way on a loofah. I only received a 1.2 fl oz bottle to review and it has been lasting me for well over a week. I do like the name "hello hydration" too because it definitely did not dry out my skin at all and made me feel nice and clean. 

Overall, I did enjoy the wash, it did clean very well but was bummed about the scent. So I recommend it if you want to try a new body wash that lasts a long time and doesn't dry out your skin but don't get if you want to smell like coconut because it doesn't really do that.

Buy It! Head on over to Herbal Essences' website and browse their selection to see where they sell them near you!

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