Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Gorton's Seafood #RealSolutions Artisan Fillets Review and Giveaway!

So you guys know I love Gorton's Seafood, they have a great selection of delicious seafood. Plus they're always really easy to make. They recently release their new Artisan line and its more delicious than ever.

It actually took me a few places to find the Artisan line, I found Gorton's but for some reason a bunch of places didn't have this in stock yet. It could be because it is a super new line. Eventually I did find them and nabbed the Southwest Tortilla to check out.

The Southwest Tortilla has real crushed tortilla strips, Tex-Mex spices, and a hint of chili added to the breaded fish. The fish is an Alaskan Pollock and was pretty gosh darn delicious.

I actually liked to add some lemon juice and hot sauce to the fish just to give it more of a kick and for it to go along with the Southwest feel of it and it worked actually really well. I actually ended up eating it so fast that I might've forgotten to take a picture, hence why you're checking out these fancy photos now.
Some other great bonus about this new Artisan line is that they're only 150 calories per fillet and contain no fillers, MSG, artificial colors, or flavors. Who knew you could get healthy fish from a box? Well, I mean I did because I love Gorton's. They're ready made and easy to prepare on the stove or in the oven, perfect for lazy people like me. Also this Artisan line is great for people trying to stick to healthy eating. People think that fish is automatically healthy and good for you and, while generally the fish is, the stuff on top like the breaded stuff just packs on the calories, except this fillet! It's not lacking on the crust either, it is super flavorful and really gives the fish a great taste.

Gorton's also sent me this great wooden cutting board which is super sturdy and awesome. Great for cutting veggies to have as a nice side dish next to that delicious fish.

Overall, once again Gorton's doesn't disappoint. Their new Artisan fillets are amazing and once I find more I'm definitely going to check them out because I'm sure they taste just as amazing as this one. Check them out you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Gorton's website and browse their selection. Click on the Product Locator tab and see where they're selling it near you. For me it's at practically any supermarket: Shop-Rite, Pathmark, etc.

Win It! Three winners will receive free product coupons for a Gorton's product!

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