Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bolthouse Farms Review! #foodpornindex

Klout is awesome with their perks. Their most recent item they've perk'd me with is Bolthouse Farms.  Bolthouse Farms is a great company that sells a variety of delicious drinks from smoothies to protein beverages to juices they've got it. 

I received a coupon to try one out and I've actually been eye'ing the Vanilla Chai Tea for a bit so I grabbed that one immediately. It tasted delicious. It's a great protein drink to have after a workout because it contains 9 grams of protein. It also has 30% calcium, and over 100% in vitamins like Vitamin B6, B12, and Vitamin C (it has 150% of your daily value for C, whaaat?!).  It's also gluten free, lactose free, and contains no preservatives. 

Some little negatives is that this is a soy protein so be wary if you're allergic to soy. Also it does have 26g of sugar and it's 180 calories per serving but each bottle is 2 servings. Let's be real at 450 mL you're probably going to drink the whole thing (I did) so that is 360 calories. 

I though it was really delicious and, as you can probably tell by the photo I took (it's empty) that I inhaled it. I really enjoy Bolthouse though, they have another chocolate protein one that is just off the walls delicious too that I recommend and probably everything else is awesome too.

The reason Klout and Bolthouse collaborated though is to spread the word about their website FoodPornIndex.com this website keeps track of at least 261.6 million hash tags on twitter and fruit and veggies are getting shafted. There's more food photos of sweets and unhealthy treats for you then the healthy stuff. So in order to switch it around they ask then when you tweet or instagram using the hashtag #foodporn you try to show off your healthy snacks like fruits, veggies, and maybe even a Bolthouse farm smoothie.  Right now it's 31% healthy and 69% unhealthy #foodporn photos and we gotta change that.

Definitely check out Bolthouse and the Food Porn Index! 

Buy It! Head on over to Bolthouse Farm's website and see where they sell them near you! I've purchased mine at Target and Ralph's near me.

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