Monday, April 28, 2014

Sargento Ultra Thin Cheese Review!

I love cheese, it's pretty much one of the main reasons why I'll never become vegan. I know there's vegan cheese but nothing beats the real thing. So when I was able to review Sargento and their new ultra thin cut cheeses I jumped at the chance. Thanks to Influenster they sent me a free product coupon to try choose one myself.

I chose their Pepper Jack cheese to review and it is so, so delicious. It has the creaminess of Monterey Jack and zest of JalapeƱo and Habanero peppers, sliced ultra thin to give classic sandwiches or authentic Mexican quesadillas the perfect kick. Each slice only contains 40 calories per slice.

I made an easy cheese sandwich with this cheese and it tasted so good. The peppers really gave it a super flavorful kick. I actually used three slices because they are thin and I was feeling like a fatty but usually two slices are enough. They're packed full enough full of flavor that you don't need a lot of slices. They're separated by a type of wax paper too so it is easy to peel them without accidentally tearing them or anything.

They also sent me a lunch bag which is great so when I go to work I can put my sandwich in it.

These slices are also great to put on burgers or wraps. They're great for us cheese fans that want to try to eat healthy but also can't get rid of their cheese craving. Eating healthy is all about portion control anyway. Why stop eating stuff you love? You can still enjoy it, just eat a little less of it.

Overall, I did enjoy these slices they assist with portion control and still taste amazing. Definitely check them out you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Sargento's website and browse their awesome selection. You can also see some recipes and where they're selling them at a store near you. Most grocery stores that I know of do sell them, I bought mine at Ralph's.

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