Thursday, May 22, 2014

My TaT Temporary Tattoos Review!

Hey everyone! Remember when you were a kid and temporary tattoos were your jam? Like coloring books and stuff that had bonus temporary tattoos were always the better ones. Well, you don't have to grow out of them you know. With My TaT they're perfect for adults that want really cool, inspirational tattoos but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars or commit to it being on your body for the rest of your life aka someone like me!

My TaT sent me a lot of love. Literally, most of their tattoo's were love related which is totally cool with me.

They also sent me a cool little bag to keep the tattoos in, removal juice, and two round sponges to remove them with.

Being a person that likes the simple things in life I chose one of the simple ones. Also I've always wanted a simple wrist tattoo soo....

Got one! Note to self: Next time don't rush into putting it on and center it properly because this one is a little bit crooked. Also I don't really recommend putting a temporary tattoo on your wrist because you bend it a lot and there's wrinkles and stuff so this one I don't think will last too long. Try putting it in an area where your skin is smooth. 

Launched with 40 individual designs, myTaT provides daily reminders of what is meaningful in life, created with your unique motivations in mind. Each design is personal to the myTaT team and meant to inspire the love and strength we all need to conquer each day. With dozens of new designs already in the works and themed sets also available, myTaT’s first line is only the beginning. The inspirational themed tattoos are great for everyone whether you're a fitness fanatic, yogi, runner, dreamer, fashionista or a fighter. They're professionally designed, non-toxic and exceed all FDA requirements.

I really liked these especially because they were very easy to put on. I just tried putting on a temporary tattoo about a year ago and it got all messed up. But this one is super easy, peel off the plastic, stick it to your arm, wet the white part with a wet rag for 30 seconds, peel off, and BOOM fancy tattoo.

Overall, I really liked these temporary tats especially because I'm not good with commitment and am not ready for a big girl tattoo on my body yet, these are fun to see how they look and to kind of dip your feet in to see if you'd actually want a real tattoo.

Buy It! Head on over to My TaT's website and browse their awesome selection!

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