Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Loot Crate May Adventure Review!

It's every geek and gamer's favorite time of the month: Loot Crate time! In case you are new first off: welcome! Second off, let me explain, Loot Crate is an excellent monthly subscription service that sends you a box of geek and gamer related goodies each month and it is pretty excellent.

This month's theme I think was "Adventure." There was no little booklet which I thought was a little odd but I did receive an email telling me what the theme was and this crate was pretty coooool.

The crate contained:
- A bunch of stickers from CaptainSparklez and Curator Sticker Set
- Markiplier Temporary Tattoos
- The Friend Zone Soundtrack CD
- Zelda Bottle Opener Keychain
- Adventuretime Tin with Surprise Character Inside
- Minecraft Surprise Hanger
- A Zelda t-shirt
- Loot Crate Adventure Button

I really enjoyed this Loot Crate. I haven't played Zelda in so long but it made me super nostalgic for when I did play as a kid with my brother because check out how cool this t-shirt is!

Basically it's Link but he's shaped by all these words and phrases that are used to describe him from "A Courageous Soul" to even "Fairy Boy." I think it's so cool and unique. It's definitely one of those one of a kind and awesome shirts. 

My two favorite items in this box were Zelda themed I guess because out of all the brands in the box I've played/watched Zelda the most but also because they were the coolest. The other item was a bottle opener keychain that says "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this." Hey, you're right, it is dangerous to go to places without a bottle opener man, you never know when this will come in handy especially at house parties.

The surprise items were really cool too. I've never watched Adventuretime though but it's on my list because I heard it's pretty funny. I did really like the tin though, the penguin is really cute and I ended up getting a mini penguin inside the tin. I did play Minecraft before so I'm pretty familiar with most of the stuff and I ended up getting a sword which I thought was pretty cool because who doesn't like swords. The Hanger is interesting because I guess you can use it as a keychain or put it on a zipper or something because it's really easy to open up and clip to things.

I wasn't super familiar/at all familiar with all of the stickers and tattoos. I was bummed that there was no information about them in the email or no little pamphlet to explain each item. Also I liked reading the little articles in the pamphlet too. Maybe they're trying to conserve though and go eco-friendly so that works I guess, but have a post card so we know what each thing is, please!

I liked how they all weren't Adventuretime even though the theme was Adventure and how they had two big adventure games that everyone knows about both classic (Zelda) and new (Minecraft). 

Overall though I really enjoyed this Loot Crate, it had a lot of great things and a great variety. From music to a t-shirt to those little surprise collectibles, it was definitely a really fun Loot Crate.

Buy It! Head on over to Loot Crate's website. They're less than $20 per month!


  1. Omg, my little brother would've loved the Minecraft stuff... haha he's crazy over that game!

    1. I really need to get into it, people are obsessed with it, haha.