Wednesday, May 28, 2014

SOUL Indian Food Review!

I love food but I am so lazy and attempt to avoid cooking at all costs. Fortunately, there are so many great ready made meals and one new, delicious brand is SOUL. SOUL honors Indian cooking traditions by using only fresh, quality ingredients and tantalizing, time-tested spice blends. SOUL adapts those traditions to the demands of today’s world, providing healthy, fast-to-prepare and easy-to-eat foods that capture the essence of Indian cuisine.

They sent me their Madras Lentil and Basmati Rice and this was so delicious!

I always forget how much I like Indian food until I have it again. I love the spiciness of it because it's hot but also kind of cinnamon-y sweet, a great mixture of flavor and I love it. Though many of my friends don't and that's why I hardly have Indian food because I never really go out to eat for it and there aren't many ready-made meals until now! 

It comes in 4 packs - 2 packs of rice and 2 packs of madras lentil. It's supposed to be 2 servings per pack buttt I ate one pack of each pretty easily.

You make a 2 cm cut on the top of each pack and heat in the microwave for 2 minutes, yup, that easy! 

The madras lentil is the essence of every indian meal, the vegetarian dish with black gram beans, red kidney beans, and tomatoes blended in a thick rich butter sauce, it's slow cooked to produce a perfect melting taste. 

It is made with all natural ingredients, gluten free, and vegetarian. There's no cholesterol, trans fat, preservatives, artificial flavors, or msg. 

I really enjoyed this, it tasted so good and only took two minutes! Also because you don't freeze it or anything there is no gross freezer-burn. It tastes really fresh, there's no weird hard rice, it is crazy that it just came out of the microwave. 

Overall, I was hugely impressed with SOUL and I look forward to trying out their other awesomely flavored food.

Buy It!
SOUL will be available in Sam’s Clubs in TX, CA, IL and NJ around Memorial Day so check it out! Be sure to follow them on twitter!

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