Monday, June 2, 2014

Rhino Shield Review!

We all love our gadgets from our phones to our iPads but now that most of them are touch screens, you have to protect them even more. So check out Rhino Shield. Rhino Shields are excellent screen protectors for your phones and tablets that are way more durable that those flimsy plastic covers you get at the mall.

I received one for my iPad and it is great.

Super easy to use, you first clean the tablet, then peel the back part off and align it up to the screen. This took a bit of time but eventually I got it. It also comes with this thick plastic piece that you use to rub out the bubbles once it's on your device. I had a bit of a difficult time doing this too and couldn't get some of the baby bubbles out but for the most part it worked. Then lastly you peel the front part off and voila a shield for your screen.

What is so good about this screen protector, you ask? Excellent question. It has six layers of protection:
1. Easy to clean and anti-fingerprint
2. Scratch resistant
3. Impact dispersion
4. Impact damping
5. High strength
6. Zero-residue adhesive

It also absorbs 5 times more impact that other screen protectors and is anti-shock.

I don't really agree with the anti-fingerprint because I do see my fingerprints on the rhino shield and I've been using it a few days now with relatively clean hands. But there aren't any scratches and I did have to peel it off and reapply it and there is no sticky residue which I liked, plus it was easy to peel off but not too easy where it'll start peeling off itself.

Overall, I really enjoyed this screen protector, it is very easy to use and you can tell it works. They have videos on their website testing the durability of the screen protectors too and it's pretty cool to see how well they work. Definitely check them out especially if you haven't changed your screen protector in a while (like me), you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Rhino Shield's website and buy one for your phone or tablet!

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