Monday, June 23, 2014

Taxi Magic Review!

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Taxi Magic. I received a promotional code to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

Hey guys, first off shout out to blogger for deleting the entire original review of this, don't know how it happened and I always save stuff but...whatever, moving on! Not sure if I ever mentioned this, but I live in Los Angeles and it's great but there's one thing that this Jersey Girl misses deeply aside from real Italian food and that is public transportation. As most girls my age, I enjoy going out and socializing and most of the time that means drinking alcohol too so I don't like driving to these social events. At home in NJ the train or bus was easily accessible here not so much. While the train and buses do exist they aren't the most reliable, your best best is honestly a taxi. I struggled with this for a while but now hailing cabs are just getting easier and easier so it is also easier for me to accept them and forget public transportation. One of the best ways is using Taxi Magic.

Taxi Magic is this great app for your phone (whether you're a droid or an iPhone user). You simply download it, click a few buttons, and boom taxi on the way, yup it is that easy. It launched in 2009 and all of their drivers are professional, fully licensed, fully insured, and know their way around the city. Taxi Magic actually teams up with several local cab fleets one of which is the LA Yellow Cab and that was the one I used this past Saturday evening.

Typically once a month my roommate and I attend a really fun comedy show and, like responsible adults, we do not drive because there is alcohol there and usually get a car ride there. I was very excited to try Taxi Magic out.

Once you install the app it asks you if you're ready now or want a pick up for later which I thought was awesome, especially the later option. Sometimes if you have to get to the airport or somewhere during rush hour it can be difficult getting a cab on time, at least if you book it in advanced it knows to get there at that time. This time though on Saturday, my roommate and I were ready now, so I chose that option. Then you add in your location and it gives you an estimated time the cab will be there by. I believe it said 7 minutes and got there in 10 which was totally fine. You also have the option of adding your drop-off location because then it will estimate how much the ride will cost. I added that and it said $35 and it actually did end up being $35 with tip included.

Entering the cab it was super clean and also had a pretty high tech screen welcoming me by my first name into the cab. I tried to take a photo while driving, check it out:

It also shows the meter which is great, I like that these taxi's still have meters and not already made prices. The drive was great, no traffic, and the cab driver was very nice. It was a great riding experience. Going home it was a little different, the cab driver cancelled on us but un-cancelled right after, I think it was just a mistake on his part but I did get the "taxi has cancelled" email and it confused me a bit. But the driver ended up being very nice as well.

Though I have to admit one thing it is hard to stick to taxi's when much cheaper alternatives like Uber and Lyft are coming into play. Just last month we took an Uber to the same comedy event and it was only $20.61, coming back taking a Lyft it was only $16 (my roommate uses Uber and I use Lyft typically) and those are HUGE differences. Also getting there last time there was much more traffic and still it was almost $15 cheaper. 

There is still benefits though to Taxi Magic rather than using Uber and Lyft. Uber and Lyft drivers are normal people, like you and I, that are hired to use their own cars to drive people around. If you're not very comfortable with that and would prefer a taxi then this app is perfect for you, taxi's have been around forever and they're always very safe and legit. Another benefit though if you are using Lyft and Uber is during the surge price hours, I don't believe Taxi Magic charges a surge price they just use the meter so instead of paying another 75% more when you want to go home on a Friday or Saturday night and are stuck in Hollywood, click the Taxi Magic app, it will probably end up saving you money. Lastly, I believe Uber and Lyft are available only in select cities and Taxi Magic is more readily available elsewhere.

Overall though it is a very great app, super easy and user friendly. I do recommend checking it out, they are great taxi's and you won't be disappointed!

Download It! If you have an Android or iOS phone you can download it very easily in the app store for free! Check out this blog how you pay for each Taxi here

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To use this code, you must download the app and follow these instructions:
1. Open the Taxi Magic app.
2. Tap the gear symbol in the top right corner.
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5. After you enter the code, the amount will appear on your “Promos and Credits” screen.

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