Saturday, August 23, 2014

#Influenster #VitalityVoxBox Review!

Hey everyone! Summer is coming to an end but you still have some time to go outside and enjoy it! That's where the Vitality Vox Box comes in. It's a variety of active and great products perfect for this summer season.

The products included:
First Degree Advanced Burn Cream
Pure Leaf Iced Tea
Bikini Ready Energy Gummies
Playtex Sport Fresh Balance Tampons
Softlips Cube Lip Balm
Elizabeth Arden: Flawless Future Perfume

I felt this was a great box. I immediately opened up the Softlips Cube and used it instantly. I'm a big fan of lip balm and lip care and this was great. The round lip care products are a big thing right now and this will continue it's trend. I received it in vanilla and it felt great. It wasn't too waxy or oily on your lips, it just felt great. It's a 5 in 1 lip care that has an advanced formula. It keeps your lips soft and hydrated. 

The next item I tried was the iced tea which tasted delicious and was very refreshing. It's made from fresh brewed tea with no preservatives. It has a great lemon flavor and is definitely the perfect drink on a hot, summer day.

The Playtex was great, too, perfect for running or hiking. I'm not going to get deep into description here, but they're very comfortable and you don't feel a thing. It actually has an odor shield that eliminates odor for the ultimate freshness. Combined with a 360 degree design for Sport Level Protection so you can go your distance with your fitness.

The First Degree burn cream I actually haven't had the chance to try out yet. It helps reduce the appearance of scars and protects against infection. It's perfect for if you burn yourself on the grill or something while having too much fun outside. 

Elizabeth Arden's Flawless Future is a serum that helps keep your flawless complexion and reduce the sign of aging. It's formula has mini beads that activate when dispensed and helps reinforce the skin's essential moisture barrier. 

The energy gummies were really great, too. They are a great tasting vitamin B-12 supplement that acts as an energy booster. They're the perfect guilt-free snack on the go and helps keep your body bikini ready.

Overall, I really enjoyed these products they're great and it's a great day to be an Influenster!

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