Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Simple Truth Organic Food Review!

It's the new year, did you make any resolutions? How about trying to eat healthy and more organically? Then Simple Truth is for you! They have a variety of honest, easy-to understand (ingredients-wise), food choices. Everything from meat to produce to chocolate and everything in between!

I received:
- Simple Truth Organic Dark Chocolate with Quinoa Bar
- Simple Truth Organic Traditional Iced Tea

Along with those two I received two free product coupons to purchase bread and yogurt so I choice:
- Simple Truth Organic Multigrain Bread
- Simple Truth Organic Greek Blueberry Fruit on the Bottom Yogurt

I was really very happy with all of these products. I was especially happy with the bread, it tasted so flavorful, soft, and delicious. The whole grains aren't so processed either like other "multigrain" bread either. I also just got back from Vermont with some delicious Cabot cheese and eating this bread with that cheese makes my taste buds just explode with joy. 

The dark chocolate sounded really interested because it was made with quinoa but honestly tasted like typically dark chocolate -- delicious! These bars are fair trade and contain 55-70% organically grown cocoa. Snack on this instead of those sugary granola bars after dinner and your sugar craving and healthy eating goal both will be satisfied.

The tea was also very delicious. Ready made iced tea drinks can be tricky because sometimes they're just too sugary and not even tea-y. This one was perfect. Not too sugary at all and quenched my thirst. 

The yogurt I was most worried about because I really am not a fan of fruit on the bottom yogurt. Just the fruit chunks in it gross me out for some reason, but I never had greek yogurt that was fruit on the bottom so I decided to go for it. I snacked on it after lunch at work and it was pretty delicious. Before I knew it, I annihilated the entire thing. There's not a load of blueberry chunks and the ones that are in there aren't too slimey (like some fruit on the bottom's are). Nice, delicious, and make a great snack.

Overall, I loved these products, they were so delicious. Our world is changing guys, "organic" and "natural" doesn't mean "cardboard-flavored" anymore. These products taste just as good, if not better, than their regular, non-organic/natural brother and sister items. Definitely check them out, you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to your local Kroeger store! I bought all of my products at Ralph's. Check out SimpleTruth.com for more info.

Disclaimer- I was provided a product in exchange for my review. You can read more about my blog policies in my disclaimer.

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