Monday, February 23, 2015

Namefully Necklace Review!

I always like finding new and unique gifts to show on here because sure Christmas had passed but there's always a birthday around the corner. That's why I was very excited to review a lovely necklace from Namefully. Namefully has a variety of jewelry pieces that you can personalize with your name, initials, or just letter. 

I received this Gothic Initial necklace in acrylic.

This is not my particular style, but it makes a great gift. That's why I chose the "A" letter for my friend. She's very into Gothic type things and is going through a bit of a tough time so I figured I'd try to give her a small gift to cheer her up. I actually liked the size of it, too. For some reason, online I thought it was going to be larger, but the letter is only about an inch tall.

One the website you can customize the color, chain length, letter and more. It's very easy and user friendly.

Namefully is the perfect website to go to when you need to give a gift to someone because who doesn't love personalized jewelry?

Overall, my friend was really surpassed and happy with this necklace and so was I! Definitely check out Namefully, browse their wide selection and don't worry because there's free shipping worldwide, too!

Buy It! Head on over to Namefully's website now!

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