Friday, February 27, 2015

Coosh Mobile Power and Sync/Charge Cable Review!

Coosh is an excellent company that specializes in awesome electronics. Instead of making fancy, crazy looking headphones, they make sure they're super comfortable in your ears more than anything.   The have a variety of excellent electronics including headphones, chargers, and more.

I received their Sync/Charger Cable and Mobile Power.

Their Sync/Charger Cable is just another cable for your apple product whether it's an iPad, iPod, or iPhone. This one though is 2 meters long which is great for when you're watching a movie on your iPhone in bed but can't reach the outlet, voila! Here it is to save the day! I am actually more of an android user, but I do have an iPad and mac computer, but this is still pretty awesome. I actually gave it to my roommate though because she has an iPhone and will use this a lot while probably playing candy crush in bed.

The other item I received was a mobile power bank which is awesome. It has an on/off switch so you plus you phone, iPod, whatever into it and turn it on to charge which I like a lot. I have another one and I usually keep the wire in it and feel like that sucks the juice out. But with the on/off switch it works great. Also, I've used it two days in a row and it has yet to be depleted. It's a bit heavy but probably because it lasts such a long time. It comes with a cable that you can use to plug it into your computer to charge it or an outlet square like an iPod or phone charger. It doesn't take long to charge my phone, typically less than an hour. The device itself, I plugged in for a few hours, probably three and it charged up.

Overall, these are both super useful and handy electronics. They're definitely go-to's nowadays. Phone batteries suck and everyone is carrying around mobile power banks, make sure you choose Coosh!

Buy It! Head on over to Coosh's website and browse their great selection!

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