Friday, April 17, 2015

Blue Diamond Honey Almonds Review!

Blue Diamonds is at it again with some more delicious almonds. I'm a big snacker especially nuts. Typically I don't like plain almonds but with Blue Diamond they have such a great variety of flavors that even if you're not super into almonds you're bound to like one.

They sent me the following flavors:
Honey Roasted Cinnamon
Bold Honey Dijon

It's a honey overload! I loved them though.

I was very hesitant with the honey dijon because I typically hate any mustard related thing. It took me a few bites but I am digging them now. The almond and honey dijon compliment each other so well. They aren't kidding labeling it "bold" either because there's a serious bang of flavor the first second you put it in your mouth. They're great when you want to snack on something a little more savory than sweet. 

The Honey Roasted Cinnamon was definitely love at first bite. I remember having honey roasted almonds all the time as a kid whenever my mom and I went to craft shows (she's big into those country folk art crafts). These don't have that hard sugary layer though like those almonds do and instead are kind of dusted with honey roasted cinnamon, it's delicious. I love them because they bring me a sort of euphoric nostalgia but also just taste so great. This is for the sweet snacker which is typically me. I have a hardcore sweet tooth.

Another great thing about Blue Diamond aside from the delicious almonds is that they're trying to help save the honeybees. On the lid it says "honeybees pollinate our Almond trees and 1/3 of the world's food supply. The health of honeybees is important so Blue Diamond is donating to Honeybee Research. BeeCause we Care."

Once again, Blue Diamond did not disappoint. Both almonds taste so great. Definitely check them out you won't be disappointed! This post was sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds.

Buy It! Head over to Blue Diamond's website and browse their great selection.

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