Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fabness Canvas Print Review!

Hey everyone, I love decorating. Not sure if I'm that great at it, but sometimes you find great pieces for your home you just have to have. If you can't find certain photos or things you can make them! Especially thanks to Fabness. Fabness is a canvas photo printing website that let's you put your favorite pictures on canvas. I was very excited that I got a chance to do a review for them.

I received the opportunity to create a 10x15 canvas of my choosing so I did!

Last year I took this photo of the New York City skyline and I love it. Not sure if you guys know this but I live in Los Angeles but I'm from North Jersey, twenty minutes from Manhattan. New York City is my favorite city in the world and I miss it. I have a wall in my room of my "homes" a NJ picture, a London tube map (that's where I studied abroad), and now this beautiful canvas will grace their presence.

It's really easy to make a canvas on the website, you upload your own image, you can move it around and boom. Extremely user friendly and easy. The canvas also doesn't take long to come in the mail either, I think it arrived in a week or less.

Fabness doesn't just have canvases, but also some great photo blocks that you can put on your desk at work, house signs that you can put in the front of your house, and more.

The canvas also comes with a hook that's a "sawtooth hanger" that you can post into the wooden part.

Overall, I really loved how the canvas turned out. Really clear and beautiful. Just makes me miss Manhattan more. Definitely check out Fabness, it works really well and very reasonably priced. Perfect for gifts or just a gift for yourself!

Buy It! Head on over to Fabness's website to browse their selection!

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