Monday, August 24, 2015

Loot Crate "Villains 2" August Review!

Hey everyone, it's Loot Crate time! Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box dedicated to all things geeky and gamey. This month's theme is "Villains 2."

This crate included:
- The Joker Wooden Figure
- Carnage 3D Mug
- Captain America Hydra Pin
- Los Pollos Hermanos apron

This was a really cool crate but also I'm not super into the fandoms. Though, this is an example of even though I'm not into the fandoms so much I still love the products. For instance, the apron I had no idea was a "Breaking Bad" reference but it's still a pretty cool apron and you always need an apron in the kitchen for baking and stuff.

The Carnage mug is insanely cool. I'm a fan of the Spider-Man movies but not a die hard or anything so I'm not familiar with Carnage, but it is still big and a really great collector piece. Similar to the Joker wooden figure, I love Joker and this is a really unique and awesome item.

Another fandom I'm not familiar too well is Captain America but I'm guessing Hydra are the bad guys. I think the pin is really cool and perfect for fans.

This crate is the perfect crate filled with items to give your friends, you know? Like I know a few Breaking Bad fans, a few Spider-Man fans, etc. So I definitely plan on giving these as gifts. That's what is great about these subscription boxes you can use them for yourself but also for early Christmas or birthday gifts for friends and family. Though I am not a huge fan of these items I am still really excited to give these to people that I know will LOVE the items.

Overall, this Loot Crate was awesome, one of my favorites in a while, definitely check out the subscription, you won't be disappointed!

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