Friday, October 9, 2015

Egg-Tastic Review and Giveaway!

Hey everyone. I'm not a huge cooker but I do love breakfast. Typically I eat greek yogurt or cereal because I am lazy but I will scramble some eggs if I have the ingredients or the time. But now that I found out about Egg-Tastic I think I'll be making eggs a lot more nowadays. Full disclosure, I received this product for free but my opinions are my own.

Egg-Tastic is a ceramic microwave egg cooker that is INSANELY easy to use. All you do is crack eggs, 1, 2, 3 -- honestly however many you want into the Egg-Tastic and mix them up, breaking the yolk and making it all an even yellow color.

Then you add whatever ingredients you want. Just make sure though the eggs and ingredients don't go above that fill line. I added some cheese and italian tofurky meat because I didn't have any veggies because I'm dumb. Then you follow the heating instructions the Egg-Tastic came with. It is depending on your microwave wattage. I'm not sure what mine is so I chose the minimum 2 egg heating time -- 1 minute 20 seconds. I checked and it was still not fully cooked so I kept heating in 20 second increments. I did this two more times and bam!

They're easy to scoop out. The eggs don't stick to the ceramic which makes an even easier clean.

Add some hot sauce or ketchup and you have a delicious breakfast!

This was great and so easy to use. You can make scrambles and egg patties for sandwiches. It worked so well, I am in love. Overall, this definitely did not disappoint!

Buy It! Head on over to Egg-tatic's website and grab one for yourself!

Win It! ONE winner will receive an Egg-tastic too!

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