Thursday, October 1, 2015

YSL Rogue Pur Couture Lipstick Review!

Hey everyone, I wouldn't consider myself a girly girl but I do like girly things sometimes. I am a big fan of makeup but I typically don't splurge unless I have to or unless I tried a product that is THAT good and incredibly worth the money. I am a big fan of lipstick but never thought of spending a lot of money on a lipstick until nowwwww. YSL, Yves Saint Laurent is a really great and well known brand. We all are pretty familiar with them, let's be real. Their Rogue Pur Couture lipstick line is so great and I am definitely a fan now. I received this thanks to Influenster!

I received the following shades:
- Rose Stiletto
- Fuchsia

I really loved these shades. The Fuchsia is fancy and bright and perfect for a night on the town. While the Rose Stiletto is a bit more muted and can wear to work or for a casual night out. 

I thought these were the perfect opposing colors to be included in the VoxBox because someone will definitely like one of these. I love them both. 


The packaging is perfect, I love that the cases are really sturdy but still really lovely. They're gold and definitely keep your lipstick safe. 

I also think the lipstick smells really nice, I know that's a really awkward compliment but I love it. Also the lipstick itself is very smooth, you don't need to put too much on, only a few swipes and the color is there. They aren't very sticky either or too heavy, you really don't feel like you're wearing much lipstick at all.

Rose Stiletto

Overall, I really enjoyed this lipstick and definitely plan on checking out more of their colors in the future.

Buy It! Head on over to YSL's website and browse their great selection.

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