Saturday, September 26, 2015

Gadget Grab Review and Giveaway!

Hey everyone! We all are pretty attached to our phones and technology, it's just a huge part of our lives now. But, how can we be attached to them even more? With Gadget Grab!

Gadget Grab is a great hands-free set up for your device. Whether it's an iPad or phone, you can stick it to either because it comes with two sizes:

One for your phone and tablet!

Gadget Grab is extremely easy to use. It has a unique polymer surface that acts like a million suction cups. It feels sticky like a sticker but it grips and releases very easy and your device isn't left with a sticky residue.

If it gets dirty from dust or anything just rinse with water and it performs like new all over again!

I really enjoy the compact design because it helps to prevent the surface from getting dirty. 

I really enjoy the phone one especially because I plan on using it in my car -- not that I text while driving -- but it's great for when you use waze or another type of GPS on your phone. Or when you're talking on speaker phone. I plan on putting it on my dash and seeing how long it lasts.

Overall, I really enjoyed this Gadget Grab, it is just so easy, like surprisingly easy to use! Definitely check them out, you won't be disappointed! 

Buy It! Head on over to Gadget Grab's website and check it out! They're only $10 for two!

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