Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Parissa Wax Strips Review!

It's bikini season guys! I love summer because I love swimming and being outside. But bikini's can be annoying. Gotta make sure everything is in tip top shape if you know what I mean. That's why when I received Parissa wax strips I was both excited but also a little nervous to try them. I received this opportunity and the products for free thanks to Social Nature!

I have never used wax strips before, I actually have never waxed my bikini area before -- I am more of a shaver. I always wince with getting my eyebrows waxed let alone down there. So, yes to be honest, I was more nervous than excited. I did put it off for a bit, every time I amped myself up I would chicken out but then one day I was like -- nope gonna do it! And I did and it wasn't so bad! Sure that peel-off hurts at first but the end result is pretty worth it. 

It's very simple, the area actually should not be cleaned skin but if it's bikini area the hair should be trimmed. The steps are: warm up the wax, rub the double strip between your hands, separate them, press on, then zip off. Bam! Smooth skin! 

It is for all hair types, you can do it in other areas too like your eyebrows, lip, armpits, if you have hair there it can be done! 

Overall, it was a simple easy to do process. Parissa is an all-natural hair removal product company, the waxing usually lasts longer than shaving too so I'm excited to not have to worry about that for a few days. Definitely check it out you won't be disappointed!

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  1. I bought this for a sweet lady I met in a nursing home who was very embarrassed about her facial hair. Well I told her about wax to get it off and she said it was too hard for her to do. So I came across this product and gave it to her and she was very happy...her little eyes lit up after she seen her lip hair was gone.