Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Evergreenlife's Olife Review!

Hi everyone, I know we are all trying to take steps to lead a happier and healthier life right? It can be very difficult, especially with temptations like donuts and all that awesome dessert food and Hulu's endless content so you can just chow down on the couch. But there are ways you can still do those things and maybe feel a little bit better about yourself. That is where Evergreenlife's Olife comes in!

Olife is a powerful anti-oxidant, helps with circulation, energy, skin, joints, menstrual cramps, and lots more. 

It's really easy to use, all you do is drink 1/4 cup right in the morning to start your day. Forewarning, it does not taste the best. It reminded me of tea but like way more harsh, if that makes sense. But also it is only 1/4 cup and it is pretty easy to digest.

Olife is a herbal olive leaf water extract supplement. It is rich in Oleuropein, Elenolic Acid, Rutin, Tyrosol and the efficient antioxidant Hydroxytirosol. 

It also has a variety of excellent benefits including:
- helps maintain blood pressure levels 
- helps maintain blood glucose levels
- helps maintain healthy blood circulation
- may improve metabolism of lipids and carbohydrates
- helps maintain cholesterol levels
- energizes you

I tried this out for a week. I do have trouble not being sleepy all the time as I do work an 8-5 job and I am pretty much out until 2am doing comedy every night. So I was mostly excited to try it out to see if it would energize me. I did notice some changes. I usually take naps during the day but didn't need to. I felt more positive and happy instead of sluggish.

I cannot check my vitals to see if my blood pressure and everything is still the same but I imagine it is. It also helps with your period cramps which I am kind of excited to check out once it's that time of the month again, haha, as I do get some annoying cramps.

Overall, I really enjoyed this. The taste isn't the best, but I feel it is pretty important to take supplements to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and this is a pretty easy one and has a lot of key benefits. Definitely check it out, you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Olife's website and check it out!

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  1. I love this drink. It's not only healthy, it's delicious too.