Thursday, February 9, 2017

Lee Stafford's Chopstick Review and Giveaway!

Hey everyone, hope your week is going well! I have been trying to get into more girly products, not going to lie. I'm all about face masks and trying out new lip sticks and eyeshadows, just trying to dive into the beauty world you know? So I was very excited to try Lee Stafford's Chopstick styler. This is one of the number one best selling curling wands from the UK and has crazy awesome reviews on amazon and all over the web.

I have to reiterate I am very new at styling my hair. I do straighten it a lot because I'm lazy and straightening my already almost-straight hair is very easy. The truth is though is I have always wanted to try out curls. I have always wanted those Penny Lane curls, oh you don't know what I'm talking about? Here's a picture of what I want:

Yeah man, that's the dream look. But I am a newbie, and after watching 1.5 beauty video tutorials I came up with 3 new burns on my hand and this:

Not my worst look, to be honest, but not as curly as I hoped. Honestly, though I was too impatient. I was trying to do it during my break at work but didn't realize how much hair I had and thus how much time I needed. The wand also does come with a glove but I thought I could handle it without (I could not).  Honestly though, I really did have fun using this.

It was literally my first time in my life using a curing wand and this was the first result, not bad. Also the wand heats up VERY fast. With my hair straightener I would plug it in and let it warm up while I'm like brushing my teeth or something because it takes a few minutes. This wand though? SUPER FAST. I love that because I don't have much time/impatient so that was perfect. 

The wand also has a ceramic coating on it to protect it and keep your hair looking healthy, smooth, and super silky. It also has a 2 year warranty!

Overall, I really did like this wand and plan on practicing more and more until I reach Penny Lane level. New year, new you right? Definitely check it out, you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Amazon to buy one, you won't be disappointed!

Win It! ONE winner will win a Lee Stafford Chopstick for themselves!

Win a Lee Stafford CHoPstick STYLER Ceramic Curling Wand #18

Giveaway ends on March 13th!

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