Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Chewy March Review!

Hey everyone, another month another Chewy treat review! Chewy is a great website that has a variety of treats for you special buddy, whether it's a cat or a dog. I always love getting Chewy treats and giving them to my lil nephew Delly.

Don't worry! He broke a nail so he's fine and the cast is off now, but gosh what a cutie, right?

This month I received their Primal Treats and Purina Beyond Cutlets.

The Primal Treats have a variety of benefits and taste delicious, some key facts are:
  • Human-grade treats for both dogs and cats are crunchy and have an irresistible flavor 
  • Made with a single source protein and without preservatives, added salt, or added sugar, they are the kind of snack dogs and cats can rally behind 
  • Produced using turkey raised in the United States for a high protein and healthy delicacy 
  • Treats get their concentrated meaty flavor and high-density nourishment from the low-temperature freeze-drying technique
  •  It counts as a single source of protein for dogs and cats
These treats are great because they're made for both dogs and cats. I gave one to Delly the other day and he excitedly jumped around after eating it. They're a little bigger than quarter-sized which is a perfect size for Delly.

The next were the Purina Beyond Cutlets. I wasn't expecting these to be so big so I had to break them apart for Delly because he's a lil' guy. They are also pretty hard, too -- similar to the texture of pigs' ears. Some key facts for these guys are:

  • A snack that's simply made and genuinely good 
  • Purina's treat specialists use all-natural white meat chicken in every batch 
  • Natural, grain-free dog snack that offers both great taste and quality ingredients you can trust
  • Chicken is the #1 ingredient 

Overall, Delly wasn't a huge fan of the Purina because I think they're made for bigger dogs, but that's my fault for getting him these, I'm sure they're great for bigger dogs. He did love the Primal treats though. Chewy honestly never disappoints, they have a variety of snacks for your pets, check it out you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Chewy's website and browse their awesome selection!

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