Saturday, March 18, 2017

ClariSpray Review!

Hi everyone, it is that time of the year where seasons are changing, it is getting warmer out! But with the change of the weather, plants growing, and flowers blooming, comes some colds. Fortunately the makers of Clartin have created ClariSpray! I received the opportunity to review this thanks to BzzAgent!

ClariSpray is a nasal allergy spray that helps with nasal congestion, running and/or itchy nose, and sneezing. It also gives you 24 hours of relief!

Simply, clean the bottle, shake it, and spray it into each nostril. It's very easy to use and the results are great. Just remember that since it is 24 hour relief only use it once a day!

I'm very weird with nose things, after I spray these I immediately want to scratch my nose, blow it, and just make it feel better even though those two things are the things you are definitely not supposed to do after using a nasal spray. I'm sure many people feel the same so if you want to find a way to not want to immediately blow your nose -- distract yourself! 

It helps with all allergens from pets to plants. So if you have an allergy to something this spray can sure help you out! I don't deal with many allergies but I gave it to my friend who suffers HARD in the spring and it helped her out a ton. BzzAgent even gave me a coupon and I gave her one, too!

Overall, if you suffer with allergies I would definitely recommend checking this out, you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to ClariSpray's website where you can get a $2 off coupon!

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