Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mother's Day Giveaways?

Hey guys! So I'm thinking about doing some Mother's Day giveaways and I wanted to know what you guys want to see as giveaways. I know flowers, obviously, but what else? A lot of you are moms so what do you want for Mother's Day? :)



P.S. I created a formspring account so ask me some questions! :)


  1. Coffee, gift cards (Amazon) digital photo frame
    Bearpaw sandals or shoes.

  2. My mom loves anything that can have pictures added to it or anything personalized. :)

  3. Gift cards(store or online)for restaurants, stores, clothing, shoes, jewelry, chocolate, cosmetics, accessories not mentioned, adult products or books.

  4. Barbara -- I just contacted Beerpaw and they said they can't do one until August. :(

    Emmy -- Cool so does my mom. I'm looking into digital picture frames and putting pictures on canvas, stuff like that. :)

    Tabathia -- Hahaha, basically anything right? :)

    Thanks guys! Keep the ideas coming!