Thursday, May 6, 2010

Slammed by homework.

I'm sorry guys for the lack of giveaways and reviews this week I've just been slammed -- and not in the good way -- with a shit ton of final papers due. This week and the first half of next week might kill me. So if I don't update you all again with a spankin' new giveaway by Sunday or Monday it is probably because I am dead. But I'll probably be updating you guys with winners and stuff, so don't worry. This is where I'd usually insert a joke but my brain literally too exhausted to even think of something that isn't political satire, Alfred Hitchcock, or advertising related. Yes, that's the insane mixture of all my papers due next week. Wish me luck!



  1. Good Luck! I was in the same boat last week & it was no fun but glad it's over.

  2. Good luck! My school got out april 21st which seems to be early, based on everyones blogs. But I basically neglected my blog for the last like 2 weeks and it didn't seem to hurt me that much so don't worry about it too much. haha. I posted like 2 things a week for a couple of weeks. Kinda sucks cuz im still playing catch up but oh well.