Friday, June 4, 2010

We're almost there!

Hey guys! So as of now I am at 288 followers, how about by Sunday night we make that 300? I know you guys can do it! You all are amazing and I love you, so come on we can do this! Spread the word about this blog, especially with the sweet, sweet giveaways I have posted up right now (next week there's LOADS more to come). Tell them about the Triple Father's Day one or the yummy Melitta coffee one, or you know ALL of them! Shout it out, man! We can make it to 300! If you guys can help me get 300 followers by Sunday night I will put up THREE FANTASTIC GIVEAWAYS on Monday! I promise! Let's make it happen!

Also feel free to ask my questions or anything. How's your early summer (come on I know it's still spring but it's freaking HOT out) going? :)

See you on Monday with (hopefully) three awesome giveaways! :)

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