Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: A Christmas Carol Pop-Up Book Review!

Hey everyone! Can you believe it is already mid-November? This year freakin' flew by! What's even scarier is that Christmas is right around the corner. The malls are already starting to get crazy, which makes me happy that I've finished most of my shopping already, but have you guys? These next few weeks some of my items I will post will be the perfect products for the Holidays.

The first one up is a classic turned into a super awesome book: "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. Now I know what you're thinking, this is already a book, it's been a book since Hollywood remade it into 500 movies. I know, I know. But this "A Chrstmas Carol" book is a bit different from the others and way cooler.

This book is an amazing pop-up book!

Now when I signed up to review this pop-up book I honestly wasn't expecting that much. You know how some pop-up books are. They're cute but nothing spectacular, but this one, well is incredibly spectacular! I love it and I know children, specifically children in my family, would enjoy this book but I don't care I'm keeping it for myself! Haha, no well technically I'm giving it to my mom because she is a huge "A Christmas Carol" fan, whether it be the little village or the dolls or the various versions of the film, she has it. So it is just pretty much mandatory to give it to her, haha.

But seriously though I have never seen a pop-up book so detailed and insane. It almost makes me want to display one page as like a decoration in the house. The book is so beautiful. The story though isn't written in the book, instead on each page there's a little booklet you take out and read that chapter with. There's only a few pages in the pop-up about five, I believe, but again the pop-ups are so detailed it make the book super thick and huge. On the first page too it has a little booklet about the life of Charles Dickens which I found to be pretty interesting. But it is incredibly beautiful and really receiving it a bit early in the holiday season made me even more excited for the holidays.

Whether you're young or old, if you're into Christmas, specifically "A Christmas Carol" you will absolutely love this book. I do and I know my mom will too. It is definitely the perfect gift for anyone for Christmas.

Buy It! Head on over to your local bookstore or order it now on Amazon!

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