Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide: New England Coffee Review!

Hi everyone! So my next review is for the New England Coffee. The New England Coffee is a fantastic coffee company with so many delicious flavors of coffee. It's the best, largest family owned company in Massachusetts and if you went to their website you'd understand why. They have almost every flavor under the sun from the normal Breakfast Blend to the crazy creative Blueberry Cobbler to even seasonal ones like Gingerbread Cookie. I was super lucky enough to try a few of their seasonal blends.

Yeah man, you're looking at those correctly I got to try their Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon Sticky Bun, and Gingerbread Cookie flavors. Yummmm.

Now, I am not a huge fan of coffee, I typically prefer tea. I never ever have had coffee in the morning really, (actually I'm more of an orange juice person in the morning) but I will have it occasionally, maybe hit up Starbucks when they have a fancy flavor but nothing special. I never have regular coffee I always like the flavored ones, which is why I was super excited to try these flavors. I looove seasonal flavors and more specifically, I LOOOOVVEEE anything pumpkin. There are only three good things about fall: 1. Halloween, 2. Pretty fall foilage and 3. PUMPKIN FLAVORED EVERYTHING!!! I love it. So yes, I did in fact open this box and almost immediately open the Pumpkin Spice blend coffee to try.

It was pretty darn good. As the website says: "This rich blend of sweet pumpkin flavor, infused with our Breakfast Blend gourmet beans and then sprinkled with a delicate mixture of spices, creates a perfect fall treat." It definitely is the perfect fall treat. I always found pumpkin flavored coffees to be not as flavorful as smoothies and donuts, this still was very good. It was delicious, not strong like regular plain old coffee, this was sweet and had a nice little spice to it.

The Gingerbread Cookie was also pretty excellent too. As the website says: "Gingerbread Cookie coffee combines the delicious taste of molasses cookie with sweet ginger and cinnamon notes with our Breakfast Blend of gourmet coffee beans." Very delicious and a perfect cup of coffee for the holiday season coming up. Sweet and again, not strong like regular coffees. It reminded me like the Gingerbread lattes at Starbucks, only better because it's a homemade cup of joe and don't cost like $5, hahaha.

My favorite though, which kind of shocked me, was the Cinnamon Sticky Bun. I'm not saying I hate cinnamon buns but comparing them to pumpkin and gingerbread cookie, I typically like those more. But this flavor was delicious! It was super sweet and strong. Not strong coffee-wise but flavor-wise. I love super sweet things, I have such a sweet tooth. So this sweet, delicious flavor really hit the spot. As the website says: "With a spicy cinnamon and sweet creamy vanilla icing flavor infused with our Breakfast Blend gourmet beans, you can't go wrong." You definitely can't because this flavor was so good!! I loved it!

They all smelled so fantastic too. That's one thing I absolutely love about coffee, they always smell delicious and these did not disappoint. Each pot of coffee I made with each flavor created their own fantastically awesome aromas throughout my kitchen. Forget candles! Just keep making these coffees, they smell great!

Overall, I loved these flavors. Fantastic for the season, I can't wait for Christmas morning when my dad wakes up and puts on a pot of the Gingerbread Cookie flavor for himself. Or Thanksgiving after we eat dinner and are ready to have dessert putting on the Pumpkin Spice and the Cinnamon Sticky Bun for our family. Funny how little things like coffee definitely put you in the spirit for this season, but it's true! During this fall going into Christmas season you appreciate the little things, and seasonal flavored coffee is definitely one of them!

Definitely check these out guys! Even if your not a huge coffee fan, I'm not but I really did love these. Also, if you're into into the seasonal blends, browse their website they have a enormous selection of flavors!

Buy It! Head on over to New England Coffee's website and browse their selection, you definitely won't be disappointed! Or click on their Where to Buy tab and see if a store near you sells them. Near me it looks like the better half of my local supermarkets carry New England Coffee, like Shop Rite, Path Mark, and even Target! Awesome!

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