Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fodada Review!

Hey everyone! My next review is for Fodada! Fodada is a great company that specializes in t-shirts and hoodies for dads!

For a limited time only, seriously til March 22nd, they have a Mama hoodie and that's what I chose to review. It is similar to their Dada hoodie but in an awesome red color. It is actually apart of a great campaign the second time they are promoting it called the Color for Cause campaign, which will benefit the American Heart Association. Every one of these sold will earn the AHA a 100% net profit from the sale. So hurry and grab one!

It's a nice kind of faded red where it's not super bright and goes well with everything, I really like it. The hoodie itself is very lightweight, it is almost as thin maybe about as thin as a t-shirt, I was a little hesitant on how great this hoodie would be because of the thinness but man you would be surprised. It is thin yet it is amazing how it still holds in the warmth really, really well. Also it is fitted but not super tight, it isn't tight around your armpits or too tight around your stomach, it's a nice comfortable fit.

It's great for a company to cater mainly to Dads because sometimes it's hard for them to get basic hoodies and shirts that are in style. These products are perfect for those dads that like to keep it casual but still have clothes that are current, too. And hey, guess what if you aren't a fan of the product you have ONE YEAR to return it. How awesome is that?

Overall, I was really impressed with Fodada and their apparel. It's really comfy, you can wear it as a light jacket in the spring or it'll keep you warm this winter. Definitely check them out, you won't be disappointed!

Buy It!

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