Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yes to Review!

Hey everyone! There is still 35 more minutes (west coast time) left in the day so happy Earth Day! My next review is for Yes to. You may remember I reviewed them before and you can check it out here. Yes to actually sent me a bunch of face wipes for Earth Day!

The products I received are:
Yes to Tomatoes Blemish Cleaning Towelette x 2
Yes to Blueberries Brightening Facial Towelettes and Travel Pack
Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes and Travel Pack
Yes to Grapefruits Facial Towelettes

I am stocked up forever! Plus I love all of these and I'm a part-time clown so I always have some of these in my clown bag now I can put some in my car and everything too!

Yes to is celebrating Earth Month with these awesome towelettes because they're green! They are compostable. All of the formulas are at least 95% natural. The company its self uses recyclable materials in their packaging whenever possible. They also give back through the Yes To Seed Fund, helping plant gardens for kids in the US and Africa.

Not only are they a great company but their products really work and are amazing. They don't dry your skin out or feel oily or anything like some makeup removers or towelettes feel. They aren't rough either. They take your makeup off or clean your skin and afterwards you feel refreshed, nice, and clean!

Overall, I was really first of surprised that I was sent this lovely package from Yes to to review, and I want to say I was impressed but I wasn't. I knew these products were going to be amazing and work great, but if you aren't expecting anything short of amazing from Yes to, then you will definitely be impressed. Definitely check them out if you need some face wipes because they are SO GOOD and reasonably priced too. Buy It! Head on over to Yes to's website and browse their selection along with their other lines! You can also find the line at Target. But if you shop on their online store, use coupon code Y2BLOG and get free Yes to Cucumbers towelettes with your purchase of $10 or more!

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