Monday, May 27, 2013

Random Blog Update!

Hey guys! New reviews are coming up soon. Just thought I'd give you all a small little update saying I have another blog that's more personal/healthy living focused called State of Motion.If you want to check out some silly YouTube videos, I make them sometimes, and you can check out my YouTube channel here, I would love if you subscribed! Also be sure to follow me on twitter and "like" Star Impulse on facebook for awesome little updates and blog links.

Sorry for the self-promotion post but I figured I'd update you all in my life and stuff. If you have any blog recommendations, book recommendations, any recommendations or just want to say hi comment below! Also if you want to see more reviews of a certain product let me know too! :)

Hope you all are having a lovely Memorial Day Weekend! New reviews are coming your way early next week! :)

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