Friday, January 24, 2014

Loot Crate January Review!

Hey everyone! It's that time again. 5…4…3…2…1…LIFT OFF! This month, Loot Crate's theme is "Launch" which has a bunch of awesome space stuff! With Gravity being a huge hit, the new Star Trek's movies killing it, and a new Star Wars in the works, space is in right now so this Loot Crate couldn't come at a better time.

The crate included:
Star Wars Galactic Phrase Book
Superman Pop Vinyl
Minecraft 2014 Calendar
NASA "Meatball" Emblem Patch
Star Wars Pocketmodel TCG
Melting Rubix Cube Wall Graphic
Star Trek Communicator Badge

As a big Star Wars fan, I was a pretty happy camper with this Loot Crate. I think the Galactic Phrase Book is awesome, from Ewoks to Wookies to Droids they have all the important Star Wars beings covered. I haven't read it yet but it seems like a really fun and easy read. I'm sure "Yun yum di goot." ("It is very good" in Ewok.) I also like the Star Wars pocket model. It's apart of a game where you create these 3D ships and cards and play the card game with your friends with it. Seems really cool. Honestly I may just create the 3D ship and display it somewhere because it looks really neat.

I like the Nasa "Meatball" Emblem Patch. Honestly, did not know they actually call it "Meatball" which is cool. It's great to safety pin to a jacket or backpack or iron it on to them. You can probably even use it on a hat. The Star Trek sticker was awesome too, my friend is a big Trekkie and I plan on giving it to her as a little gift.

I'm not a big Superman fan (Batman for life) but I thought it was a cool idea to include a vinyl of him in here, and I'm pretty pumped I actually got Superman. I gave him to my uncle who's a bigger fan and into collecting. I like that Loot Crate understands that he's an alien from outer space and he should be included in the launch box, it works more for my argument that Superman is an alien not a human and thus Batman and Spiderman are more relatable. Hahaha, yeah you can tell I'm not a big fan of him. But still! It's an awesome collectable and he's super cute. (Get it? "super" cute?)

I was a little confused with the Minecraft calendar and the Melting Rubix Cube wall graphic mainly because I wasn't sure how they fit into launch and space. I don't' play Minecraft too often though but maybe those monsters are from outer space though. Either way I was pretty excited to get a calendar because I need one and forget to get one for this year. Not sure about the space involving the melting rubix cube either, maybe an alien shot a laser beam at it and it melted…either way it is a pretty cool wall decal and I will add it to my geek wall in my bedroom (underneath my "Community" art work).

Overall, I really did enjoy this Loot Crate. I liked how it incorporated a lot of space things while covering a lot of fandoms from the game fandom (Minecraft and Rubix Cube) to the Superhero fandom (Superman) to the Star Wars fandom (the phrase book and pocket model), Loot Crate made sure to make everyone happy and once again not disappointing anyone. I love Loot Crate, you guys need to hop on this awesome bandwagon and sign up!

Buy It! Head on over to Loot Crate's website. They're less than $20 per month!

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