Saturday, February 22, 2014

February Loot Crate Review!

Can you guys believe February is nearly over? Like where did the time go? 2014 is flying by but the month can't be over yet without another Loot Crate arrival! That's right, everyone's favorite (at least mine) subscription box has come in the mail again, hooray! This month's theme?


This month's box consisted of:

Loot Crate Warriors Collectible Pin
Alpha Battle T-Shirt
Bravest Warriors Bow Tie
Gas Powered Stick Bag
Dunny Sideshow Box Figure
Bacon Love Card

It also mentioned a Bravest Warriors Sticker and a Bravest Warriors Digital Comic code but I couldn't find them in the box? So I was a little bummed about that. I have to say though, I haven never watched Bravest Warrior though so I'm going to be honest, this was not my favorite Loot Crate. It might have been my least favorite. It wasn't my style. Loot Crate is a great company because they cater to all different kinds of geeks and nerds but there's so many geeks and nerds there's going to be one fandom you're not going to be into and this was mine.

I was kind of bummed with the dummy sideshow box figure, it's not even that cool looking but I think it's the mystery one because it isn't on the box so I guess that is cool. The bow tie I can't really pull off because I'm not a guy and I don't really wear bow ties. Even the Valentine's Day card which says "I love you more than Bacon" didn't work for me because I am a vegetarian and I love mostly everyone more than bacon. Fortunately though, I know a few diehard bacon lovers so it wasn't a complete bummer. I gave it to my roommate and she's going to give it to someone else.

The shirt is pretty cool because it has all of your favorite legendary game characters from the tetris blocks to Mario and Luigi. It's full of everybody ready for battle, they even busted out the Oregon Trail wagons so hopefully you don't die of dysentery! I also liked the bag because I love those drawstring bags. They're great to bring when traveling just in case you need a laundry bag or need a bag for hiking to put your water and came in (that's what I used in Hawaii).

Overall, while I wasn't super stoked with the box it was packed full of stuff and you definitely get your money's worth. Also, I've loved every box so far there was bound to be one that didn't just nail it for me. I do know one person Bravest Warrior die hard fan that will be very happy with these gifts. Definitely check them out, you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Loot Crate's website. They're less than $20 per month!

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