Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fraas Spring-Summer Scarf Review!

Spring is finally here so you can put away all of those big, bulky, and dark winter clothes and bust out the lights and brights! Spring can get a little cool still, too, so check out Fraas and their latest line of Spring-Summer scarves!

These scarves are called "Dottie" and I bet you can guess why. Polka dotas are always a popular pattern and these are particularly chic. I received turquoise but they also have pink, green, yellow, and purple/taupe. Each shade is bursting with a clear and flattering hue and fresh, white polka dots. The polyester drapes beautifully around your neck or can also be worn as a wrap.

I am not a huge fan of polka dots but I really do love this color and it is perfect for spring. It definitely makes an outfit pop. It is also a nice sized scarf coming in at 28 x 76 inches so you can definitely play with it and knot it up however you want. I actually cannot make any fancy scarf knots or ways to wear it, which is probably why all of my scarves are circle scarves, but hey it gives me the chance to practice!
Overall, I really liked this scarf, it goes with practically any outfit. It is great and light so it isn't too heavy for the spring/summer months but still can warm you up if you're feeling a little cool. Check out Fraas and their great scarf collection, you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Fraas' website and browse their selection or Amazon.com.

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