Saturday, April 26, 2014

Loot Crate April Review!

It's Loot Crate time! If you're a new reader let me fill you in, every month I receive this awesome subscription box filled with nerdy and geek related items. Every month they have a certain theme that caters to a certain fandom and this month's theme was Dragons.

I received the following items in this month's LootCrate:
- Elder Scrolls Online Exclusive Figure
- Game of Thrones Mystery Mini
- Dragon Jerky
- Dragon Shield Screen Cleaner
- 20 Sided Stress Dice
- 20 Sided Polyhedral Dice
- Dragon Slayer Tag Necklace
I liked this theme because it was broad and catered to a few fandoms at once: Game of Thrones, Elder Scrolls, Dungeons and Dragons, just people that like dragons, and all of the above.

My roommate is a big Game of Thrones fan so she was really into the mystery mini. Although I am not a big fan of Elder Scrolls/never heard of Elder scrolls I thought the figure that was included was really cool. It had a removable helmet and came with some weapons, it was pretty cute. Plus, this figure is exclusive to LootCrate and you can't get it anywhere else which just makes it that much cooler.

The dice were for those Dungeons and Dragons fans at least I'm assuming, but hey dice can always be pretty useful. I thought the dice stress ball was pretty cool and clever because games can stress you out man. It is also pretty practical because it can be still used as a dice and big enough so you won't lose it like the tiny dice.

I really wanted to try the Dragon beef jerky but I don't eat meat. It looked gross in a funny way because it is dyed green. This would be a super funny and creative gag gift to give to a friend, too.

The necklace was a cool little item too you don't have to wear around your neck but can hang on your rear view mirror of your car or something too. The screen cleaner was awesome and attached to the back of my phone as I type this. I'm still new to how it will stay sticky if I keep removing it to wipe my phone but I'm sure it'll work out.

Overall, I thought this Loot Crate had a lot of cool, entertaining items. This one had something for everyone pretty much as long as you like dragons. And how can you not like dragons? They're like firebreathing dinosaurs, awesome! Definitely check out Loot Crate, you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Loot Crate's website. They're less than $20 per month!

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