Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Chex Mix Popped Review!

You guys know I am a huge snacker so when Klout gave me the awesome perk to try Chex Mix's new Popped line I hopped on the chance. We all love Chex Mix, they can be quite addicting and awesome, especially to have out for parties like this upcoming 4th of July!

I received the following flavors:
White Cheddar 
Sweet and Salty

This Popped line incorporates the best of Chex Mix like the pretzels and the square weave things but also adds popcorn too. For the white cheddar they have the cheese cracker triangles and white cheddar popcorn and for the sweet and salty they have regular popcorn and caramel corn.

Sweet and Salty

White Cheddar

These Chex Mix Popped Sweet and Salty contain 60% less fat than regular potato chips and the White Cheddar contains 50% less. 

I really loved these, honestly I probably am going to kill the White Cheddar alone tonight. One thing I had a problem with though was I felt that there was more popcorn than anything. I feel like the in the White Cheddar there wasn't much cheese crackers or pretzels. Also the bag wasn't full all the way and it says it contains 8 containers per bag at 120 calories, so watch out. Best bet is to put a little bit in a bowl then to grab from the bag because all of a sudden that bag is gone and you ate 8 servings. 

Overall though I did like them and they're super delicious. Just a little bit goes a long way. Definitely check them out though, you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Chex Mix's website and see where they sell them near you!

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