Friday, July 11, 2014

Blue Diamond Almonds Review!

Summer is in full effect that means more fun and more parties. But what are you eating at those parties? Here's a great snack that everyone will love: nuts! More specifically: almonds! They're delicious, addicting, and not too bad for you. Blue Diamond is definitely your go-to brand for almonds and I got to try out a few delicious flavors.

Rosemary and Black Pepper 
All Natural

Let me tell you, I thought I hated almonds but now the ALL-NATURAL ones are nearly gone. All-natural, that's with no flavor assist, just plain old almonds, and I'm loving them. They say your taste buds change when you get older and this is the sure sign I am getting older because I am now an almond addict.

The All-Natural ones are also actually certified by the American Heart Association too for a good heart-healthy food. So my heart is definitely pretty healthy now. The Rosemary and Black Pepper is such a unique and delicious flavor too. The pepper gives it almost a spicy hot kick to it. They're perfect with a few beers and some sunshine for a pool party. 

It's great because honestly if I were to choose almonds to eat I would never have picked up these flavors and yet they're so incredibly delicious. If you're into trying unique flavors that will make your taste buds EXPLODE with delight check out the Rosemary and Black Pepper, but if you're more conservative with your nuts and like them all-natural, flavor free pick up the all-natural ones. 

One warning is they are addicting, I recommend if you're at a party, scoop a few into a cup or a napkin and then WALK AWAY or else your hand will be digging into that bowl til you kill them all off.

Definitely check them out though, they're delicious and perfect summer snacks, you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Blue Diamond's website and browse their huge selection and where you can purchase them near you! Blue Diamond is relatively everywhere I think from Target to Ralph's.

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