Sunday, July 20, 2014

Loot Crate July Review: Villains!

It's that loot time of the month! Guys my Loot Crate just came in yesterday and I am so pumped to tell you all about it. In case you're unaware or a new reader first off, welcome! Second off, Loot Crate is a great monthly subscription box that sends all things geek and gamer related. This month the theme was Villains!

The box included: 
Exclusive Rocket Raccoon Comic
Harley Quinn and Joker Posters
Deadpool Socks
Darth Vader Key Chain
Necessary Evil DVD
Bowser Magnet
Joki T-shirt

You guys, I loved this box. Not because I am a huge fan of villains but these particular villains I am a huge fan of. A few of my favorites in the box though were the mini things like I LOVED the Darth Vader keychain and the Bowser "I Want You" magnet. Just such simple little things but I will definitely use them.

I actually didn't know what the socks were at first, I thought they were Spider-Man ones and was super confused because he's a superhero but then read the booklet and yup, it's Deadpool. I really loved the socks though because I am a sock person and have a variety of kinds including dinosaur ones. Word on the street is they are making a Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds so hey I will probably be a fan of that might as well rock these socks early.

I also liked the two posters especially the creeptastic Joker one. I think they're the perfect size for lockers (not to push that school is coming up, we're still on summer vacation!) but keep that in mind. And who knows you may have a locker for work or something. The Rocket Raccoon comic looks awesome, too. As I said in my previous Loot Crate review I am pretty pumped for the Guardians of the Galaxy so I will probably be reading this comic in the near future. Also the DVD sounds super interesting, it is a documentary narrated by another villain Christopher Lee (Saruman) and it explores the villains of the DC universe.

Lastly, the t-shirt it took me a minute or two to get but then when I did I had a great laugh. It's a Joker and Loki combo! So clever especially because they're the most in-demand villains right now. Super clever way to merge two randoms into one awesome shirt.

This Loot Crate was awesome because it was highlighting the villains but also the anti-heroes like  Deadpool and Rocket Raccoon. Also I loved the variety of products in this box from a DVD to a t-shirt to posters, they've got so much goodies man! Once again Loot Crate definitely does not disappoint, check them out you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Loot Crate's website and sign up! They're less than $20 a month!

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