Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Happy Egg Co. Review!

 I'm a big breakfast person, usually I choose sweet over savory but some days I can be in a super egg mood. So I was pretty excited to sign up for BzzAgent's The Happy Egg Co. Campaign! Happy Egg's actually are cage-free and delicious eggs.

BzzAgent description of Happy Egg's is: "The thing about the happy egg co. is this: their hens go outside. Every day. Turns out that’s kind of a big deal. Because while many egg cartons show hens outdoors in lush green fields next to quaint red barns, that’s rarely the reality. In fact, between 90–95% of eggs produced in the U.S. come from hens that spend their entire lives in battery cages. And those cage-free birds you hear so much about? They’re generally locked inside a barn all their lives. If you’re feeling bummed after reading all this, it’s only natural. So support the happy egg co. for the simple fact they treat their hens the way nature intended."

The happy egg co. also never uses antibiotics or hormones, and they give their girls a vegetarian feed to complement their pasture-foraged diet. Which makes the eggs even more delicious for us!

I was very impressed with the eggs, especially because they mean what they say they are cage-free, free range eggs which I mean even though it kind if stinks that we're eating future baby chickens...at least their parents are happily roaming the farm and living the good life.

Right after the gym I stopped at a different Ralph's (the first Ralph's -- my go to -- actually said they were out of happy eggs for three months) and I made a veggie scramble with two eggs and it came out delicious.

- Two Happy Eggs
- Some broccoli
- 2 celery sticks chopped up
- Some grape tomatoes
- 3 little red and orange peppers
- handful of chopped celery
- 2 teaspoons of pesto

Mix all that up in a pan and bam! Great brunch!

Overall, I was very happy with happy eggs, I suppose as you should be given their name. The eggs were big and delicious. Definitely check them out! You won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to The Happy Egg Co.'s website and see where they sell them near you! Check out any Kroeger store like Ralph's or Food 4 Less!

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