Sunday, January 25, 2015

Loot Crate January 2015 Review!

It's already 2015, man how does the time fly? I don't know. Apparently, Loot Crate doesn't either because this month their theme is "Rewind." It's a look back at geek and gaming past, the perfect theme for this time of year when you're blindsided by a new year and everything changing. Let's get into it!

This box includes:
- A Retro Arcade Skinny Tie
- a 10-Doh! Figure of a Korben's Alley Nintendo Game
- Exclusive Star Wars Comic Book Issue 001
- Comic Notebook
- Exclusive 8-Bit Glasses


- Exclusive Voltron Blueprint T-shirt

I thought that this was such an awesome box because it was full of a little bit of everything. The tie was so cool and something I have never seen before in the box. In the pamphlet it shows men and women wearing it, though I'm not sure I can rock it, I may give it to my guy friend.

I loved the comic book because I do like Star Wars but I looove me some Han Solo. I'm not a huge comic reader, but I do plan on diving into this one. And saving it. Forever. Because that's what you do with comics right?

I liked the comic notebook, too. In it, it had spaces in the shape of comic book squares and such where you write all your notes. I liked the size because it was so small that it fits in any bag. It's perfect because I always think of funny jokes or ideas when I have no paper, so then I use my phone but then I forget about all the notes on my phone.

The figure was really cute, I used to play Nintendo a lot when I was really young with my older brother but I don't remember this game, and I tried to google it but got nothing. Not sure if it's supposed to be a fake game but just for fans of Nintendo games alone or what. Still it's pretty cute, a nice office desk item.

I really liked the Voltron shirt because I was obsessed with my older brother's Voltron (pattern here, huh?) and my mom gave it to me but ended up hiding it and saving it because she figured it'd be worth something. I actually wore this shirt to a Spartan race on Saturday and got a load of compliments on it but also a lot of "Is that a Transformers shirt?" Oye. No, friends, way cooler than Transformers. I saw a guy actually wearing the 8-Bit Sunglasses there, too and he said "I see you got your crate, too." Pretty funny. The glasses are cool too, I feel like they'd be fun to wear around in the car and see if anyone notices your awesomely unique shades.

Overall, this was a pretty fun Loot Crate. Once again, they don't disappoint. Definitely check them out, you won't be disappointed!

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