Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cinelinx Card Game Review!

Everybody loves a great game night and with games like Cards Against Humanity it is clear that card games are still on top. So last year, Cinelinx, an entertainment and gamer news site decided to create their own card game which -- no surprise -- is insanely fun.

While I do freelance write for this awesome website, in all honesty I am not being biased when I say I love this game. It is really fun, especially if you're into movie trivia and six degrees of separation type games. You will love this.

The Cinelinx card game has actors' names, directors' names, movie titles, genres, iconic scenes, and quotes on different cards. The goal is to connect all of your cards in your hand with the other cards. The first person left with no cards wins. 

The true test is playing with friends that are equally huge movie fans. I tried playing this with my parents during Christmastime and I slaughtered them. Then I played with my friends and it was a completely different story, way more fun and challenging, but in the end I still won (mwahaha).

The game has so many movies and actors for a relatively small box. From The Grand Budpest Hotel to Public Enemies to Magnolia to Unforgiven, they have so many! Some movie cards have two movies and some have one. Each actor card has one actor much like the genre, iconic scene, and director ones. There are also "director's cut" cards which give you options like forcing players to skip turns and draw two cards. 

You can get a bit nostalgic playing this game, too. I picked up a card with Dumb and Dumber on it and went full length into a Jim Carrey discussion. It was awesome.

Overall, it's a super fun game, great to play with your friends. Definitely check it out!

Buy It! Cinelinx started as a Kickstarter but you can now buy it on amazon or ebay!

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