Friday, July 17, 2015

Special K Cereal and Bars Review!

Special K is one of my favorite food brands. I recently grabbed a trio of cereals from Costco and love them. I'm a huge fan of their chocolate covered pretzel cereal bars among others. They just have such a great variety of delicious snacks, cereals, and more that just never disappoint.

BzzAgent sent me a few of Special K's products to check out including:
- Special K Protein Cereal in Cinnamon Brown Sugar Crunch
- Special K Chewy Nut Bars in Chocolate Almond

I received these right after I went to the gym so I was starving and it was the perfect time to inhale a bowl of cereal and a bar. Man they were so good!

The cereal has 7 grams of protein, 11 grams if you add some milk to it. One serving size, which is 3/4 cup, contains 110 calories. It's a great cereal if you love cinnamon-sweet cereals and I DO, I DO, I DO-OOOO. It is sugary though and has 9 grams of sugar so be careful, don't go too crazy.

The bars are great, too. Perfect for on-the-go snacks. I like to keep one in my purse just to have whenever. Each bar is 170 calories so they're sweet and delicious but a bit steep in calories. I usually like granola bars that are 100 calories or less. Still, sometimes it's worth it for the few extra calories. These guys are gluten free, too. They also contain 4 grams of protein.

Overall, I really enjoyed both of these products. They're delicious and pretty addicting. Definitely check them out, you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Special K's website and browse their great selection!

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