Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Blue Diamond Almonds Review!

Hey everyone, who doesn't like snacking? I sure do! You guys know how much I dig Blue Diamond Almonds. I used to not be a huge fan of almonds but the more I try them the more I love them. They're a great snack for on the go or just in front of the television.

Blue Diamond sent me two great flavors, classics to say the least:
- Lightly Salted
- Roasted Salted

Lightly salted is low in sodium, as if you didn't already know, but still salty enough to give it a nice little kick of flavor. It actually has 50% less sodium than their Roasted Salted Almonds. So if you're looking for a healthy alternative go with these babies. 

The Roasted Salted have double the sodium but are more flavorful for sure. They are also roasted with sea salt. They both have the same amount of calories and other nutritional value is all very similar or the same. Sure you can taste the difference with the lightly salted vs roasted salted but I enjoyed them both. Honestly, I preferred the lightly salted just because I am watching my figure like all people and since the flavor isn't hugely different, might as well cut some sodium out and stick get my snack on. 

Both are great snack options and are heart healthy. They are certified by the American Heart Association for meeting criteria for heart-healthy food. So they're smart eating snacks too!

They're great to eat when you're going on summer adventures this time of year. Both aren't too salty so they won't make your hands too sticky when you're munching on them at the beach or in the car during your road trip to Vegas or San Francisco. I also love just putting these and some dried fruit in a bag and making my own trail mix before I take a flight. I'm going to Portland on Monday and that's how I plan on eating these babies.

Overall, I really enjoyed these flavors they were awesome when you needed to kick your salty craving. Definitely check it out you won't be disappointed! This post was sponsored by Blue Diamond.

Buy It! Head on over to Blue Diamond's website and see where you can buy them!

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