Thursday, April 21, 2016

Beets BLU Heart Rate Monitor Review!

I am a big runner. Living in Southern California it is just super easy to turn into one especially with the weather being so nice. That is why I was very excited to try out Beets BLU heart rate monitor. Beets BLU is a wireless heart rate monitor that connects to your phone with bluetooth.

I love keeping track of workouts and stats, I never look at them after really, but just to have that option I like. So I had a workout tracker already on my phone, unfortunately it was not compatible with Beets BLU so I downloaded another one "MapMyFitness" which actually works pretty fine, too.

Beets BLU is compatible with a bunch of fitness apps. All you do is download the app, then turn on your Beets BLU. How do you turn it on? Just strap it on over your chest. There's little electrodes that look like snaps on it too and if you wet them it might start faster. Once it turns on you click the heart rate monitor attachment on your app, search for it using Bluetooth and BAM! It took me a few tries, but it ended up working pretty easily.

(Ignore my sweaty fast this was me post-run)

My app didn't show me the entire details of the heart rate (because it wanted me to upgrade for money, pshhh) but it did show me my average and maximum. 

Overall though I really did enjoy Beets BLU, super easy to use and super great to find out your heart rate. You don't want to push yourself too hard, you know? But also you want to push yourself enough. It's good to find out your heart rate to balance yourself out and to see what you should and shouldn't be doing to your body. Definitely check it out you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Beets BLU website and check it out along with their other awesome devices!

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