Friday, April 29, 2016

Chewy.com April Review!

Rewarding your pet is important, it's great for training and just because you love them so why not? That is why it is even more important to reward them with great treats. You don't want to give them something gross for doing something great, do you? That's why there's Chewy -- a website dedicated to to pet treats and supplies with such a variety to choose from you can get lost in the hundred of brands, seriously, but you'll definitely find something great! 

This month I received:
- Nutramax Cosequin Minis Soft Chews Joint Health Small Dog Supplement
- Sojos Good Dog Chicken Pot Pie Flavor Dog Treats

I gave them again to Delly, one of the cutest pups in the game right now.

The Sojo treats are freshly oven-baked bite-sized bones with ingredients that you would find in your own kitchen. They're perfect for training and will have your dog doing back-flips for more. Some key benefits are that they're 100% natural; wheat and corn-free treats; made with a short, simple ingredient list; No artificial preservatives; No artificial flavors or colors; and Made in the USA.

Delly usually likes soft treats but he really enjoyed these Good Dog ones. I mean the flavor is "chicken pot pie" which sounds great especially for dogs.

The Nutramax ones I got because it's good to have treats that also help with the health of your pup. They are a moist tasty mini soft chew that are formulated for dogs up to 25 pounds body weight. They help provide mobility, cartilage and joint health support. It is also recommended by vegetarians.

Overall, both of these are great and Delly loved them both. Definitely check them out, you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Chewy's website and browse their great selection!

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