Friday, July 8, 2016

Cool After-sun Lotion Review!

It's summer time so you know what that means -- swimming, sun bathing, and just being outside! But you have to remember to take care of your body and your skin! The sun is great but like all things too much of it is never a good thing. That is where Coola comes in! Coola is a great company that has a variety of sunscreens and sun care products for everyone.

I received their ER Radical Recovery After-Sun Lotion

As their website says this: "deep-soothing lotion that uses organic Agave’s natural moisture binding mechanisms for environmental defense and calming sunburn. This miracle plant provides superior hydration and promotes collagen synthesis while offering UV protection and clinically proven relief from sunburn. Rich with organic ingredients, Radical Recovery™ After-Sun Lotion will nourish, repair and keep skin youthful and naturally glowing all year long."

I really enjoyed this lotion a lot. I am not good with sunscreen, I rarely wear it even though I probably should. I have this dilemma though that if I wear sunscreen I never get any color and if I don't I may burn but if I nurse the burns with after-sun it will turn tan. It's a big annoying process. This lotion though is my new after-sun because it is great. Makes your skin feel nourished, goes on great and doesn't leave a weird sticky residue. 

It is made with natural ingredients that help ease the pain of the burn like: 
Agave - A soothing vitamin and antimicrobial-rich skin rejuvenator that offers natural protection from the elements. 
Aloe Vera - A natural cell regenerator containing more than 200 biologically active compounds that shields the skin, keeping moisture in and pollutants out. 
Lavender Oil - A calming anti-inflammatory that helps heal and repair skin that has been over-exposed to the sun. 
Rosemary Extract - A refreshing and renewing toner which firms skin by reducing excess oils. Sunflower Oil - An antioxidant that helps prevent damage caused by bright sunlight and other environmental factors such as pollution.

Also a little goes a long way, you don't have to put a load on just a little dollop or two to your face and body and you're all set to go.

Overall, this after-sun is great, I definitely recommend it! Check it out and Coola's other sun care products -- you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Coola's website and broke their awesome selection1

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